PTI S.r.l. - Power Transmission Innovation

Via Roma, 74
20060 Cassina de Pecchi (MI) Italy
P: +39.0240705673
F: +39.0242108624

We strongly believe in relation with our customers and our partners. PTI srl is the result of long cooperation between suppliers and customers as No one can work and win alone.
Since the beginning of its presence, PTI srl has been partner of strong brands in Power Transmission components as couplings for rotating equipments. Thanks to cooperation with global manufacturers as BIBBY TRANSMISSIONS, TB WOODS, LAMIFLEX, GUARDIAN, HUCO part of ALTRA COUPLINGS and SAMIFLEX of, we can offer the largest selection of industrial couplings for almost any applications.
PTI’s products are sold to Major industrial markets as Oil and Gas, Energy, Food processing, material handling, Packaging machinery, automotive. The market experience and technical structure are the extra value offered.
In addition on couplings port-folio products, It is available complete range of Torque limiters to protect drive system from mechanical overload and consequent damage and lost production.
To complete our proposal, Our division of Service and repair can offer full assistance and repair for complete train of machines such as pumps, compressors, turbines, Electric Motor.