Boldrocchi S.r.l

Viale Trento e Trieste 93
20853 Biassono (MB) Italy
P. +39 039 22021
F. +39 039 2754200

Boldrocchi has been a leading Company on the domestic and international markets of industrial ventilation, dust suppression and thermal exchange since 1909. The Group Boldrocchi has been divided into several divisions worldwide each of which specialises in a specific area of expertise; moreover, the Company has production units in Italy and abroad. The Group employs over 500 people, of whom 200 are engineers.
Thanks to its long-established expertise as well as technical and operational potential in the specific area of heat exchange, Boldrocchi has been engineering and building industrial cooling towers for over 40 years which complement other Boldrocchi’s products with the same level of reliability.
Boldrocchi T.E. S.r.l. was established in 1992 to best meet the specific requirements of the industries in the evaporative cooling systems sector. Boldrocchi T.E. synthesises and heightens all the capabilities and background acquired by the Group up to date in the area of heat recovery of the cooling water of industrial systems and/or plants.
By integrating the initial knowledge with the new proficiencies acquired over twenty years since the foundation, our Company – which represents the market with a highly specialised production – has successfully ascended in the industrial sector, by providing not only a product but also a consulting service enriched by the know-how acquired over numerous types of systems devoted to the most diverse kind of productions.
By working in close conjunction with the Group’ s technical departments, Boldrocchi T.E. produces exclusively cooling towers characterised by extreme robustness and reliability which can be made highly specialised for specific requirements, richly equipped and able to stand continuous and heavy duty use